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What to pack for tour to New Zealand every season

New Zealand is a Country filled with literally every kind of landscape and climate you can think of snow capped mountain in the south, glacier descending into temperature rain forest in the west, beaches In the north and volcanoes in the middle. Packing for tour to New Zealand takes a bit of planning. The experience gain by traveling to New Zealand over the period of time is the best tools to give to you all. Packing for tour depends on which season you are travelling to New Zealand and certain things to be remembered while traveling to any season to New Zealand.

A wonderful Summer in New Zealand

What to Pack for New Zealand if traveling to North Island

If you’re arriving at Auckland and staying on the North Island then you are likely to be spending more time in the urban centers and small villages. It is fact that North Island is warmer than the South Island so you need to pack too much warm stuff as you will if you are going to the South Island, specifically in winter. In the summer, both islands have a pleasant climate.

  • 5-7 Pairs underwear
  • 2-3 Tank tops or t-shirts
  • 1-2 Long sleeve shirts (guys, make one a collared button up, ladies, make one a nice blouse)
  • 3 Pair pants or skirts
  • 5 Pairs of socks
  • 1 Rain jacket
  • 1 Pair solid hiking sandals or walking shoes
  • 1 Pair nicer shoes (boat shoes, guys and flats, ladies)
  • 1 Hat
  • 1 Light scarf
  • 1 Daypack
  • 1 Swimming Suit
  • 1 Pack Towel
  • 1 Water bottle

When selecting your items think about museum visits and nights out in the cities, as well as tours of Hobbiton and the hot springs of Rotorua. A light rain jacket is a good idea year round, particularly if you plan to go out on a boat tour to watch whales or to the smaller islands, as the wind and spray on the ocean are chilly.

What one should not to pack for tour to New Zealand

  • There are a few things that people might think they need in New Zealand that you definitely do not.
  • For Indian traveler please do not carry any food items which are locally made of sugar , Flore and other ingredient and which is not packed , don’t specify the contained of it.
  • You should not carry any kind of fruits, plants, grass, flowers and other kind of items
  • If you carrying due to whatever reason 10000 NZ$ or more you must declare in the custom declaration form.
  • Don’t take extra electronics.
  • Don’t take too much clothing
  • Don’t take heavy books too read you may buy here
  • Don’t take a lot of cash
  • Don’t bring expensive or valuable jewelry to New Zealand

Adventure Gear
Whether you are going snow skiing in July, hiking the Milford Track, or planning to camper van around the islands for a month, everything you need can be rented or found second hand very inexpensively. New Zealanders are great lovers of resale shops you’ll find at least one in every little town. Learn to scour them for your adventure necessities. Don’t pay to fly things in that you can get on the ground as a rental, or recycle.
Merino Wool
I’m a big fan of merino wool, from socks and underwear, to sweaters. New Zealand is the land of merino. It is advisiable don’t pack from your own place come here and buy a new one you will love it
You can buy it from Ice breaker outlet stores
2 in Auckland, 1 in Albany

Pro tip
You’ll be shocked at the cost of merino rock bottom prices scour the resale shops in one horse towns

If you are going to be in South Island if you’re adventuring in anything but summer (mornings and evenings can be cool!) Instead of packing them, buy a pair of possum wool gloves (every shop in Queenstown carries them).The New Zealand possum is a totally different creature than any where in else in the world possum and has the warmest fur of any animal other than polar bear Who knew? Some magician turns this into wool and the result is amazingly light, downy soft gloves, hats, scarves, socks, you name it.

A wonderful mornings of spring in New Zealand

What to Pack for tour to New Zealand if travelling to South Island

If you ‘are arriving at Christchurch and heading towards the other South cities and town then you should bring the above but make the following adjustments
1 pair of pants should be quick dry “hiking” style pants for you’re off the beaten path adventures.
Consider swapping your “nicer” shoes for hiking boots if you’re going to do a lot of trails, if you’re only headed out for a handful of days, and then simply upgrade your hiking sandals to a more outdoor less urban style.
Do not be tempted to lighten up by not bringing the hat, scarf, or jacket you want these on the South Island, for sure.
The South Island has a decidedly more casual vibe, make your clothing choices accordingly.

New Zealand Road tour

What a wonderful net work of Road

Packing for tour to New Zealand is different that packing for any other country travelling

What to Pack for travelling to New Zealand both Island

  • Universal waterproof phone case
  • You must bring a power adapter while coming to New Zealand
  • A good insurance plan that covers potential travel mishaps is one of the first things I recommend to any international traveler.
  • A small portable charger is a wise idea when traveling
  • Carrying a portable towel with you is always handy since you never know when you’ll need to dry off while adventuring.
  • It is nice idea to carry activated Charcoal you tummy may get disturb
    Water bottle with built in filter – drinking water is safe but is very great idea to carry this
  • Beach bag is good to be out when going on beach

Very important

New Zealand is amazing. You should go there and enjoy your self

  • Walking shoes or hiking sandals are a must
  • You can probably leave the hiking boots at home, unless you’re hardcore
  • Plan to rent your adventure gear
  • Buy your merino in New Zealand and take it home
  • One must bring something waterproof it is important as weather is unpredictable. for wind protection too
  • Pack in layers it means that it will be warmer than you think you will need,
  • Because the weather can change in an instant.
  • Beach bag is good to be out when going on beach
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