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Welcome to Hawke’s Bay
Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand is a region on the east coast and it is north Island. Well known for its beaches and wineries. The Daily Telegraph Building and Municipal Theatre in Napier are the art deco architecture. Hawke’s Bay Opera House in Hastings. Napier’s National Aquarium of New Zealand has a viewing tunnel for marine life, and shelters endangered local species like kiwis and tuataras.
Things to do in Hawke’s Bay

Cape Kidnappers
Cape Kidnappers is a headland at the southeastern extremity of Hawke’s Bay on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island and sits at the end of an 8 kilometres peninsula which protrudes into the Pacific Ocean

National Aquarium of New Zealand
Nowhere else in New Zealand can you experience such a large and diverse range of aquatic animals and wildlife, both native species and from around the world, than at the National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier, Hawke’s Bay.The National Aquarium of New Zealand, also known as Napier Aquarium is a public aquarium in Napier, New Zealand. There is a gift shop and cafe on site.
To find out more about it visit to www.nationalaquarium.co.nz

Splash Planet
Splash Planet is an amusement park and water park located in the city of Hastings,New Zealand. The park was opened in its current form in 1998. To find out more about it visit to www.splashplanet.co.nz

Mahia Peninsula
The Mahia Peninsula, also written as Māhia Peninsula, is located on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, in the Hawke’s Bay region, between the cities of Napier and Gisborne.

British Car Museum
To find out more about it visit to www.britishcarmuseum.co.nz

CHB Settlers Museum
In 1986 the Historic Bank of New Zealand Building was gifted to the people of Central Hawkes Bay to house a museum.This area is rich in history, Waipawa being one of the oldest inland towns in New Zealand.Take a step into the everyday life of early settlers. The varied collections are displayed in an authentic way so visitors can imagine what life used to be like.

The museum houses a comprehensive collection of photographs and much to interest the genealogist.To find out more about it visit to


Lake Waikaremoana
Lake Waikaremoanais located inTeUrewera in the North Island of New Zealand, 60 kilometres northwest of Wairoa and 80 kilometres west-southwest of Gisborne. It covers an area of 54 km².

Te Urewera National Park
Te Urewera National Park was established as a national park in New Zealand’s Te Urewera area in 1954 and disestablished as such in 2014, when it was replaced by a legal entity named Te Urewera. To find out more about it visit to www.doc.govt.nz

Gannet Beach Adventures Ltd
Discover the magic of Cape Kidnappers – join our experienced guides and visit the largest mainland gannet colony in the world!This is a unique, fun eco-experience tour that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, with personalized service and guides who point out the natural and geological wonders of the area.With over 65 years’ experience, Gannet Beach Adventures provides a 4 hour mild adventure, travelling along the majestically rugged coastline from Clifton to Cape Kidnappers.  During the tour you willNature walks & other activities are available from this tour company serving the nearby area.To find out more about it visit to www.gannets.com

Ruahine Forest Park
Densely tree- & fern-covered hills offering walking trails & the chance to see old copper mineheads.To find out more about it visit to www.doc.govt.nz

Lake Tūtira
Lake Tūtira is a body of water in north-eastern Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand. Much of the area was surveyed by Herbert Guthrie-Smith, who farmed 60,000 acres surrounding the lake.

Āniwaniwa Falls
The Āniwaniwa Falls, or Rainbow Falls, are a two-drop waterfall located at northeastern Lake Waikaremoana in New Zealand.

Lake Waikareiti
Lake Waikareiti, also spelt Lake WaikareIti, is located inTeUrewera National Park in the North Island of New Zealand. A number of hiking trails are found within the catchment basin of the lake.

Kaweka Forest Park
Kaweka Forest Park is in the Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand, adjacent to Kaimanawa Forest Park. This region of the central North Island contains large tracts of pine plantations, some of them also To find out more about it visit to


Gannet Safaris Overland Ltd
Cape Kidnappers safari experience takes you to Hawke’s Bay Cape Kidnappers Gannet Colony – the world’s largest, most accessible Gannet nesting place. It’s the only way of being taken right to within a few feet of these remarkable birds – there is no walking required!To enjoy an overland safari through the spectacular scenery of Cape Kidnappers Station.To find out more about it visit to

Daily Telegraph Building
Noteworthy art deco building, former home of the Daily Telegraph, with lotus-topped columns.

Shine Falls
If you visit to the most spectacular waterfalls of Hawke’s bay you should visit to the 58-metre Shine Falls is located on the Boundary Stream. The walk to the waterfall goes through the mixed lowland forest including kanuka, kawakawa, kowhai and titoki. To find out more about it visit to

Frimley Park
Frimley Park in Frimley, Surrey, England, consists of Frimley Park mansion, a Grade II listed building, and the formal gardens, designed by Edward White in 1920.To find out more about it visit to www.hastingsdc.govt.nz

Cornwall Park
To find out more about it visit to www.hastingsdc.govt.nz/hastings/parks/reserves/

Wairoa Museum