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Welcome to Gisborne
Gisborne is known for wineries and surf beaches. It is a city on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island.The Tairawhiti Museum has exhibits on indigenous and colonial history, with Wyllie Cottage, an early European house, and Maori artefacts. Titirangi Reserve has lookouts and a monument to explorer James Cook. Nearby, TePoho-o-Rawiri is a Maori meeting house with carvings of ancestral figures.
Places of interest around Gisborne
Eastwoodhill Arboretum -The National Arboretum of New Zealand
Eastwoodhill was founded by William Douglas Cook in year 1910. It is 35 KM northwest of Gisborne, in the hill country of Ngatapa. It is the national arboretum of New Zealand. It covers 131 hectares, planted in exotic and native trees, shrubs and climber plantings. The collection was planted by Douglas Cook and is regarded as the largest and most comprehensive collection of Northern Hemisphere trees south of the equator. Visit us and enjoy all that the Eastwoodhill has to offer.
To find out more about it visit towww.eastwoodhill.org.nz

Tairawhiti Museum
Tairawhiti history exhibits, artifacts & art, plus educational programs are the draw at this museum.To find out more about it visit to www.tairawhitimuseum.org.nz

Gisborne Botanical Gardens
Gisborne Botanical Gardens is a public garden in Gisborne, New Zealand, that dates back to 1874. The Gisborne Botanical Gardens nowadays occupy 5.1 hectares between Aberdeen Road and the Taruheru River.

Hackfalls Arboretum
Located in Tiniroto near Gisborne, Hackfalls Arboretum is home to over 3000 species and varieties of oaks, alders, cherries, magnolias, maples and more. The collection of evergreen and semi-evergreen Mexican oak species is considered the largest private collection of oaks in the Southern Hemisphere.It was founded in the 1950s by Bob Berry. Hackfalls Arboretum is part of “Hackfalls Station”, a sheep and cattle farm of about 10 square kilometres, owned by the Berry family.
To find out more about it visit to www.hackfalls.org.nz

Dive Tatapouri
Come to Dive Tatapouri and discover the children of Tangaroa, the god of the sea, while immersing yourself in the local culture and magical marine surroundings of New Zealand’s East Coast.Dive Tatapouri is famous for its interactive reef tour with wild stingrays, eagle rays and other reef dwellers, and its idyllic snorkelling experience with wild stingrays in their natural environment.