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About Auckland
Auckland is the gateway to New Zealand for most visitors, and it’s just 50km or 40 minutes’ drive from historic Helensville. New Zealand’s largest city, there are almost 400,000 people living within the city’s boundary and 1.18 million in the greater Auckland area – that’s about a third of the entire country’s population. The city’s population is expected to grow by about 50% over the next 50 years.
Built on a narrow isthmus between two island-studded harbours, Auckland is renowned for its beauty, with 100km of coastline crammed with stunning beaches, 23 regional parks, two marine reserves and a landscape dotted with 48 volcanic cones. With all the water surrounding the region, it’s no wonder Aucklanders boast the largest boat ownership per capita in the world – that’s why it’s called “The City of Sails”.
The city has a huge range of activities and attractions to offer visitors. You can dine at more than 800 restaurants, catch awesome views from atop the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere or from one of the city’s volcanic vantage points, or take in the theatre at the world-class Aotea Centre. There’s the Auckland Museum, National Maritime Museum, the historic Auckland Art Gallery, Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World, the Zoo – the list goes on.
While English is the main written and spoken language, Auckland is recognised as having the largest concentration of Polynesian people in the world, and you’ll hear many people speaking Maori, or Polynesian and Asian languages.

Tourist places in and around Auckland
Art Gallery,Auckland
It was established in Auckland in 1988, It is the home to the biggest collection of national and international art in New Zealand.

Sky Tower, Auckalnad
It has been standing in Auckland since last 20 Years and giving an opportunity to enjoy a few of the adrenaline activities in Auckland such as Sky Jump and Sky walk as per your choice. Apart from these, there are cafes and restaurants on the tower as well, namely the rotating Orbit 360Á, the classy Sugar Club and the Sky Cafe. This iconic tower provides some unforgettable views from it’s observation decks.

Sky Tower Jump,Auckland
Sky Tower Jump is located inside the Sky Tower. The rush is unbeatable! Leap off the famous Auckland Sky Tower and fall 192 metres straight down. An unforgettable experience for true daredevils, base-jump by wire off the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand. Sky Jump is New Zealand’s highest jump and only Base Jump by wire.

Sky Tower Walk,Auckland
When you will visit to Sky Tower in Auckland. You may witness two experiences while you are here. Sky tower walk and Sly Tower Jump. Take in the spectacular views of Auckland while walking around the 1.2-metre-wide platform a dizzying 192 metres up!

Harbour Bridge Climb,Auckland
There aren’t too many bridges in the world you’re allowed to climb to the top of without getting put in handcuffs. With AJ Hackett Bungy Auckland, it’s not just allowed – it’s completely safe and incredibly fun. Climb to the top of Auckland Harbour Bridge with a professional guide for the ultimate Auckland experience. A safe and easy walk on specially engineered catwalks takes you from the base to the summit of the bridge, with amazing views all along the way. See Waitemata Harbour, Sky Tower, and other landmarks as your expert guide shares informative commentary about Auckland.

Sunset Dinner Cruise, Auckland
Auckland offer one of the best dining experience on M.V. Hamilton Star. Relax with a cocktail and appetisers, watch the shoreline slip by and marvel at a Whitsundays sunset during a leisurely cruise to a secluded bay. While at anchor, you’ll be treated to the culinary creations from the Hamilton Star’s gourmet galley – a sumptuous three-course dinner prepared fresh on board. Top off your experience with a nightcap whilst experiencing the magic of the Whitsundays from any of our outdoor areas aboard the M.V Hamilton Star.

War Memorial Museum, Auckland
The War Memorial Museum is one of New Zealand’s most famous museums. Not only is it a war memorial, but also houses historic collections.
The Auckland War Memorial Museum plays a very important role and provides a deep insight into the history of the city and the country as a whole. It’s numerous exhibitions and collections cover many areas of interests, such as the World Wars, historical battles, arts and craft works and also treasures from the pacific region. Not just this, the museum contains an exhibit of photographs, and also showcases the natural history of New Zealand, displaying over 1.5 million specimens. In front of the museum is the War Memorial.

Rangitoto Island, Auckland
This young volcanic island a short distance from the coast makes for a delightful day of outdoor activities. Rangitoto is the youngest and the largest volcano of Auckland’s extensive volcanic field. This island can be seen directly from the mainland as it’s wide symmetric conical shape forms an iconic silhouette in the distance. After taking the ferry from the harbour, which is a picturesque experience, you’ll find yourself on this imposing volcano island. Hike up to the top, exploring the black lava caves on the way, to enjoy a view well worth the labour! You can view the entire Hauraki gulf, the Waitakare ranges in the east an

Kell’s Tarlton’s Museum, Auckland
It is one of the best Museum in Auckland. Set on the waterfront of Auckland City on Okahu Bay, just moments from the famous Mission Bay beach, Kelly Tarlton’s Sea life Aquarium is one of Auckland’s top attractions! It showcases over 30 live animal exhibits in spectacular habitat displays, including the world’s largest Antarctic penguin colony exhibit and amazing underwater viewing tunnels. Kell’s Tarleton offer unique and thrilling ‘up close’ underwater encounters with huge sharks, including the all new Shark Cage experience. You can also head out onto the ice to get up close to our amazing penguins with Penguin Passport!

Albert Park, Auckland
Albert Park is a huge public park popular among the locals for its vast open spaces, lines of beautiful trees, and also it’s statues and monuments.
Albert Park is a beautiful garden space, adorned with many iconic monuments. The park has an important place in the history of the city. It houses several monuments such as the Queen Victoria Statue, and the refreshing Victorian fountain. The Boyd Statue is another symbolic statue, which depicts Love breaking the Sword of Hate, along with the floral clock, which was built in 1953. The Auckland Art Gallery is also situated in the park.

America’s Cup Sailing Experience,Auckland
You do not require to have experience of sailing. We will give you America’s Cup Sailing Experience in this tour. Feel the thrill of sailing an authentic America’s Cup yacht. Take the helm to help steer on course or work hard on the grinders to hoist the mainsail during this hands-on sailing adventure on Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour.

Fullers Harbour Cruise,Auckland
Auckland Harbour Cruise gives you a panoramic view of Auckland. Cruise duration is 1.5-hour scenic cruise of Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour Sail under the Harbour Bridge Take in views of the Sky Tower, North Head and Bean Rock, See the volcanic island of Rangitoto.

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